3.4 For a long heating system life – correct treatment of heating water

Practical seminar - heating water treatment in accordance with VDI 2035

Seminar goal

The seminar provides perfect knowledge on the treatment of fill and top-up water for warm water heating systems. Practical arguments for end customer negotiations give you additional certainty in advising customers


  • Theoretical basis for standard VDI 2035
    Sheet 1: Prevention of damage in hot water heating and drinking water heating installations
    Sheet 2: Anti-corrosion measures
  • Practical applications and exercises
    Conditioning, softening and demineralising, GENO-Therm®

Target groups

  • Planners/engineers
  • Operations managers
  • Wholesale
  • Trade specialists for sanitation, heating, cooling
  • Customer service technicians
  • Technical managers
  • Supply engineers


Free of charge


Approx. 3 hours

Date Time label_deadline Place Regular price Organizers Registration
will be announced Lausitzer Str. 23, 68775 Ketsch free WNP GmbH Prebook now
will be announced Im Brühl 3, 66649 Oberthal free Massar GmbH Prebook now
21.11.2019 14:00–17:00 h 07.11.2019 Adlerstr. 84, 25462 Rellingen free Niederlassung Hamburg
26.11.2019 09:00–13:00 h 11.11.2019 Fuggerstr. 13, 41352 Korschenbroich free Kimmerle Verw. GmbH
07.04.2020 12:00–16:00 h 24.03.2020 Josef-Grünbeck-Straße 1, 89420 Höchstädt free Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH Register now
15.09.2020 13:00–16:00 h 01.09.2020 Am Theresenhof 2, 15834 Rangsdorf free Niederlassung Berlin/Brandenburg Register now