1.1 Drinking Water Ordinance made easy!

The Drinking Water Ordinance 2012 – opportunities and possibilities

Seminar goal

You will receive first-class knowledge about how to proceed in designing and planning drinking water systems that are perfect and legally compliant. Detailed documents make your practical work easy and perfect.


Participant arrival and welcome

Drinking Water Ordinance 2012

  • Introduction
  • Key changes
  • Risk and hazard analysis with checklist
  • Disinfectants and disinfection methods acc. to Section 11 of DWO 2012
  • Technical action value for legionella
  • Discussion



Target groups

  • Planners/engineers
  • Technical managers
  • Supply engineers
  • Operations managers
  • Wholesale
  • Trade specialists for sanitation, heating, cooling


Free of charge

Seminar documents

Participants receive the ZVSHK comment on the Drinking Water Ordinance and the publication on the sanitation of contaminated drinking water installations

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