1.5 Tap market potential through the new technical regulations

In mid 2012, DIN withdrew the DIN 1988 standards parts 1-8 dated December 1988 and replaced them with the new basic European standards DIN EN 1717, DIN EN 806-1 to 5 and the national supplementary standards. After the Drinking Water Ordinance, these standards define the generally recognised codes of engineering practice which must be adhered to as a minimum. The market potential that can be tapped as a result of these technical rules is described.

Seminar goal

Agenda for the planning, execution and maintenance of drinking water installations


  • Drinking Water Ordinance basics
  • Standard structure of DIN EN 1717, DIN EN 806 and DIN 1988
  • Protection of drinking water
  • Material selection and identification
  • Operating temperatures/protection against scalding
  • Arrangement of sampling points
  • Selection of drinking water heating systems from a hygiene point of view
  • Basics on measuring the internal diameter of pipes
  • Selection of mounting material and mounting distances
  • Insulation of pipelines, cold-warm
  • Tightness tests with air and water
  • Operation and maintenance

Target groups

  • Planners/engineers
  • Technical managers
  • Operations managers


Free of charge


Approx. 4 hours

Seminar documents

Latest planning folder, ZVSHK comments on rules and regulations

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