3.2 Water softening - theory and practice

Seminar goal

When you get to the customer premises, it's the moment of truth: Here, you will find out “hands-on” how to install small water softeners professionally, start them up correctly and hand them over to the customer capably.

Dry theory? Not at all! Here, work is carried out live on the product. You will find out the best tips and tricks for the installation, operation and maintenance of small water softeners.


Function, setup and installation of small water softeners, demonstration on functional and sectional models

Commissioning and maintenance of small water softeners, practical training through independent work on the Weichwassermeister system

Target groups

  • Trade specialists for sanitation, heating, cooling
  • Customer service technicians


Free of charge


Approx. 7.5 hours

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10.11.2020 09:00–16:00 h 26.10.2020 Am Theresenhof 2, 15834 Rangsdorf free Niederlassung Berlin/Brandenburg
07.12.2020 09:00–17:00 h 27.11.2020 Josef-Grünbeck-Straße 1, 89420 Höchstädt free Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH Register now