EXADOS® – minerals to protect the installation

EXADOS® minerals protect the water installation over many years. The dosing agents prevent the precipitation of scale and form a protective layer on the inside of the pipes. This increases the life of the installation, prevents operational downtimes and thus saves costs. The shelf life of the minerals is at least 3 years (stored in a cool and dark place). The minerals contained in the liquid concentrates correspond to the requirements of German foodstuffs legislation, the German Regulation on the Use of Additives, the current version of the German Drinking Water Ordinance and the relevant standards (DIN EN 896, DIN EN 1198, DIN EN 1209, DIN EN 1212). The minerals are hygienically packed, germ-free and sealed.

3-litre bottle for EXADOS® EK 6:

  • Packing unit: 1 box contains 2 3-litre bottles
  • Pallet ordering quantity (800 x 1,200 mm): 76 boxes (1 bottle is sufficient for treating 30 m3 of water)

Disposable canister (10 or 20 kg) for dosing computer EXADOS® with suction lance:

  • Minimum order quantity: 6 x 10- or 20-kg canisters
  • Pallet order quantity: 40 x 10-kg canister