exaliQ – Your elixir for exact dosing! Intelligent dosing technology for the optimum protection of pipes


The safety of your pipes and maintaining the value of your home. This is what Grünbeck’s exaliQ dosing systems in combination with the exaliQ mineral solutions take care of. By dosing natural mineral substances (phosphates and silicates) into your drinking water, a protective layer is generated on the inside of the pipe which effectively averts corrosion damage. In addition, it prevents the precipitation of scale. For the safety you deserve.


In the long term, deposits and scaling often have a negative influence on the enjoyment of pure water. This may affect your entire pipe system and even your fittings and appliances. In order to counteract this and to prevent cost-intensive damage, we recommend Grünbeck’s intelligent exaliQ system for your dosing. In cases of rehabilitation, dosing - following the flushing of pipes - can act as a protective layer against consequential damage. For new buildings, on the other hand, dosing represents a preventive measure to avoid expensive damage in the first place.  That way, you maintain the value of your installations and your home. Exactly the right mineral solutions for all kinds of applications are available. Depending on the mineral substance dosed, scale deposits in the pipe system can be avoided. This reduces the energy loss in your household appliances which results from calcified pipes. Furthermore and if required, the pH value can also be increased in order to prevent metal materials from dissolving. To maintain the value of your home and for more quality of life.

The dosing tank of the compact system exaliQ:KC is directly installed at the dosing system and has a capacity of 3 litres of the exaliQ mineral solution. Thanks to the practical bayonet lock, the tank containing the mineral solution can be replaced easily and quickly.
Due to the click bracket on the rear of the system, it can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position, subject to the installation situation. The useful wall spacer prevents the dosing system from twisting.
Your dosing system thinks for you. Dosing and calculation of the mineral substances is completely automatic.

Thanks to the green LED ring, the exaliQ system can communicate various status messages. In addition, your system continuously monitors the filling level of the mineral solution and alerts you in good time when the filling level is low or an empty signal is pending.

The modern, intuitive operating panel features a backlight which changes in accordance to the respective system status. That way, you are always kept informed on the operating states of your exaliQ system. Thanks to distinct keys, you will be able to conveniently operate the system. The highest level of user-friendliness is guaranteed.

The tank of the exaliQ:KC system features a bayonet lock which is easy to install and allows you to change the 3-litre mineral solution quickly and easily.

The newly developed, intelligent control unit continuously records the dosing data over a period of an entire year and you can easily and conveniently read them out via USB flash drive. Getting to the interface is easy, too. You only need to open the hinged door of the equipment compartment.

Thanks to the conversion kit, retrofitting compact systems with a suction lance is possible without problems.