Mixed-bed cartridge desaliQ:MA – Quick and safe initial filling or make-up water feed of heating systems

Ultra-pure water for carefree purity in the heating circuit. When it comes to the initial filling or make-up water feed of heating systems it is crucial to use fully demineralised water treated in an optimum way. This protects pipes, prevents malfunctions, saves heating costs and is “eco-logical”. Grünbeck’s mixed-bed cartridges desaliQ:MA are designed for the generation of ultra-pure water. Via an interior distribution system, the mixed-bed resin is steadily flown through. Via a collection element at the practical cliQ lock  (= tank lid), the fully demineralised water, or demi water, gets to the tank outlet. The conductivity meter integrated in the cliQ lock of the system allows a reliable check of the special mixed-bed resin’s remaining capacity. Thanks to the sturdy plastic body and its low dead weight, filling the heating system is even easier now.

  • Easy: cliQ lock to conveniently open and close the mixed-bed cartridge
  • Mobile: trolley for easy transportation
  • Efficient: optimised flow for high filling capacity and optimum demi water capacity
  • Lickety-split: resin portioned in a bag for a resin replacement in a matter of seconds - without any loose resin
  • Intuitive handling - easy as pie and highly convenient
  • Nominal pressure: PN6
  • Nominal flow [m3/h]: 0.9 (desaliQ:MA9) or 1.3 (desaliQ:MA13)
  • Max. water temperature: 30 °C

Installation requirements

Please observe local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications.
Install the product free from:

  • Strong heat
  • Frost
  • Direct sunlight
  • Chemicals, dyes, solvents and other vapours

Scope of supply

  • Mixed-bed cartridge with built-in conductivity meter
  • Operation manual
  • Transportation trolley (for desaliQ:MA13)
  • Filled with 2 (MA9) or 4 (MA13) resin bags (special mixed-bed resin, portioned in a bag) of 6 l each


desaliQ:MA resin bags 2 x 6 l
Order no.: 707 435

desaliQ:MA resin bags 4 x 6 l
Order no.: 707 445

GENO-therm® hose set
Order no.: 707 850

GENO-therm® filling device Basic
Order no.: 707 120

Water meter with connection material
Order no.: 702 845

Euro system separator GENO®-DK 2-Mini
Order no.: 133 100

Order no.: 126 875

GENO-therm® case Basic
Order no.: 707 160

GENO-therm® case Premium
Order no.: 707 170



For additional information on technical details, please refer to the product data sheet which is available for download.