GENO-therm® Case – Basic

The GENO-therm® cases are tried-and-tested in practice, perfectly match the Sortimo vehicle equipment and are naturally compatible with all GENO-therm® products.

The GENO-therm® Basic case contains a GENO-therm® conductivity measuring cell with which the conductivity of the water can be manually checked. As of a conductivity of 50 μS/cm, the red light-emitting diode illuminates, signalling that the full demineralisation unit has to be changed. The analogue water meter in the case enables you to document the fill water volume.

  • Measuring cell adapter, battery-driven
  • Analogue water meter
  • GENO®-therm hose set for connection of reusable and disposable cartridges
  • Double screw connections
  • Double nipples
  • In handy Sortimo case