GENO-therm® Case – Premium

The GENO-therm® cases are tried-and-tested in practice, perfectly match the Sortimo vehicle equipment and are naturally compatible with all GENO-therm® products.

The GENO®-Multi-LF conductivity meter included in the GENO-therm® case Premium measures the conductivity (temperature-compensated) in the water, identifies when a cartridge is empty and as of a conductivity of e.g. 10 μS/cm controls the solenoid valve that is also included in the GENO-therm® case Premium. This automatically prevents filling. Manual monitoring of the available remaining capacities is therefore not necessary. The analogue water meter in the case enables you to document the fill water volume.

  • Control unit GENO®-Multi-LF with cord transformer
  • Measuring cell adapter with conductivity and temperature measuring cell
  • Analogue water meter
  • GENO®-therm hose set
  • In handy Sortimo case