GENO-therm® filling case

The GENO-therm® cases are tried-and-tested in practice, perfectly match the Sortimo vehicle equipment and are naturally compatible with all GENO-therm® products.

The GENO-therm® filling case is a portable, robust case made of PP for filling heating systems. It is preassembled with a GENO-therm® Komfort filling device and GENO- therm® hose set. The case is ready for direct connection to the system to be filled (separation of drinking water and heating water in accordance with DIN EN 1717 is met). The scope of supply includes a disposable GENO-therm® cartridge 110 with adapter, which is also connected to the filling device. Reusable GENO-therm® cartridges can also be connected (optional).

  • For filling heating systems
  • Direct connection
  • Preassembled with GENO-therm® filling device Komfort and GENO-therm® hose set
  • Portable, robust case