GENO®-safe A – against scale in the heating water

As a corrosion inhibitor and hardness stabiliser, the GENO®-safe A liquid protects warm water heating systems that use materials containing steel, copper and aluminium. Favoured for use in single-family and multi-family houses, GENO®-safe A is also suitable for conditioning the heating water in floor heating systems with plastic pipes. The correct blending of components (dispersant) prevents the formation of scale on the eat exchange surfaces (VDI Guideline 2035 part 1) and ensures the creation of an optimum corrosion protection layer. GENO®-safe A is used in a pH range of 7.5-9 and is compatible with anti-freezing agents (ethylene glycol without inhibitors). Available in different packaging sizes.

Delivery Units

  • GENO®-safe A, box 18 x 0.310 litre cartridges
  • GENO®-safe A, box 10 x 1 litre
  • GENO®-safe A, canister 11 kg

For more information about GENO®-safe A see the product data sheet, which is available to download.