Mobile reverse osmosis system AVRO-flex 400 – direct filling of heating systems

The mobile reverse osmosis system AVRO-flex 400 serves to directly fill heating systems, district heating networks and other systems with low-salt water. Thanks to the patented AVRO process no pretreatment with a water softener or anti-scaling dosing is necessary. Nevertheless, given the innovative operation mode, the membranes used boast a long service life and a highly economic recovery rate. By means of a selector switch, the system can be put into two simple operating modes In filling mode, the system switches off automatically once a specific counterpressure has been reached. In the unique factory mode thanks to regular rinsing no costly preservation work on the system is necessary and thus downtimes are avoided.

  • Mobile reverse osmosis system
  • Direct filling of heating systems with low-salt water
  • Patented AVRO process
  • Filling or factory mode

Installation requirements

Local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications must be observed. The installation site must offer adequate space. A foundation of a sufficient size and load-bearing capacity must be provided. The required connections must be provided prior to the installation work. The system may only be operated if all components are properly installed. Under no circumstances should safety devices be removed, bridged or rendered otherwise inoperative. The substances permitted in water by the German Drinking Water Ordinance apply as the upper limit for the mobile reverse osmosis system AVRO-flex 400 .

Scope of supply

AVRO-flex 400 ready-to-operate with mobile aluminium rack and hoses


  • GENO-STOP® 1"
  • GENO-therm® filling device Basic
  • Filling group consisting of: Course dirt trap, slide valve, system separator, pressure reducer, non-return valve
  • GENO-therm® reusable cartridge 570
  • GENO-therm® disposable cartridge 110
  • Drain connection DN 50 in accordance with DIN EN 1717

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.