GENO®-VARIO mini – mobile heating water treatment system

Heating water treatment system GENO®-VARIO mini is a mobile compact system for treating hot and cold circuits. It is used to fill new systems and supports sanitation and sub-flow demineralisation/sub-flow softening in old systems. Impurities, scale deposits and corrosion products accumulate in the hot and cold circuits. They reduce the efficiency of heat exchangers. The treatment of system fill water with filtration, demineralisation or softening ensures efficient system operation (VDI guideline 2035). The system can be optionally run with a separately available dosing system for adding phosphates to set the pH to the required value. The ready-to-connect, compact mobile system GENO®-VARIO mini is prepared for installation of the electrical conductivity measurement device GENO®-Multi-LF.

Scope of supply

Water cycle with 

  • Circulation pump
  • Non-return valve
  • Deaerator
  • Fine filters 
  • Pressure gauge and draining/sampling valve
  • Water meter 
  • Connection block with bypass and sampling valve 
  • 2 fill and drain valves 
  • Temperature monitoring 
  • Integrated power socket 

Raw water make-up with 

  • System separator 
  • Pressure reducer and pressure gauge 
  • System rack made of anodised aluminium profile 
  • Assembly preparation for optional GENO®-Multi-LF with conductivity sensor and solenoid valve 
  • 2 flexible hoses for connection to heating system 
  • 2 flexible hoses for connection of exchanger tank