Mobile water softener MEH – fill and top-up water for heating circuits

The mobile water softener MEH is a high-quality ion exchange system for softening fill and top-up water, in particular for heating circuits. A water meter monitors the softener capacity. A time-dependent regeneration station safeguards the functioning, water quality and capacity of the water softener. During the regeneration, the ion exchanger resin is brought into a fresh operating state by means of regeneration salt (sodium surplus) and then is once again ready for the ion exchange. The plastic design of the water softener MEH can be subjected to pressure of up to 10 bar. The nominal flow is 3.0 m3/h, the nominal capacity 150 °dH x m3 and the soft water capacity for raw water hardness 20 °dH x 7.5 m3.

  • High-quality ion exchange system
  • Water meter for monitoring softener capacity
  • Nominal pressure 10 bar
  • Nominal flow is 3.0 m3/h
  • Nominal capacity 150°dH x m3

Installation requirements

Local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specification must be observed. The installation site must be protected against frost. The system must be protected from chemicals, dyes, solvents and vapours. The ambient temperature as well as the radiation temperature next to the system must not exceed 40 °C. A system separator (e.g. GENO-therm® filling device Basic, GENO®-DK 2-Mini) must be installed upstream of the mobile water softener MEH. Installing a drinking water filter (e.g. BOXER®) upstream of the mobile water softener MEH further increases the operating safety of the ion exchange resin.

Scope of supply

Water softener MEH with

  • Assembly on mobile steel pipe trolley in ready-to-operate state
  • Total hardness water test kit
  • Water meter
  • Conditioning option


  • GENO-therm® filling device Basic
  • Regeneration station for MEH
  • Blending unit GENO-therm®
  • Combined measuring device for pH and conductivity
  • GENO-therm® analysis case
  • GENO® hand pump H

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.