GENO®-OSMO RO 125K – reverse osmosis for feed water

The space-saving reverse osmosis system GENO®-OSMO RO 125K demineralises feed water, the composition of which corresponds to the German Drinking Water Ordinance. The osmosis process uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate aqueous solutions into “permeate” (water with no or low contamination) and “concentrated water”. The compact system uses micro-processor control to record the respective volumes and thus the permeate recovery. The permeate is collected in an integrated tank. A fine filter (50 or 80 µm), a system separator (DK) as well as a water softener or a dosing system to add inhibitors must be installed upstream of the reverse osmosis system GENOR-OSMO RO 125K.

  • Total salt content (NaCl) of feed water max. 1.000 ppm
  • Salt rejection rate > 95%
  • Inlet flow pressure of feed water min. 2.5 bar
  • Water temperature min. 10 °C, max. 30 °C
  • Protection IP 54
  • Power supply 230 V/50 Hz

Installation requirements

The installation site must offer adequate space. Provide a foundation of a sufficient size and adequate load-bearing capacity. The required connections must be provided prior to the installation work. The installation of a reverse osmosis system represents a major intervention in the drinking water system. Therefore, only authorised experts may install such systems. The local installation directives and general regulations must be observed. The following must be installed upstream: Fine filter (fine filter BOXER® K), system separator, water softener and activated carbon filter.

Scope of supply

  • Free-standing housing made of opaque PE 
  • Microprocessor control with LCD display, voltage-free collective fault message and voltage-free signal contact 
  • Shut-off valve pump made of corrosion-resistant brass with motor as high-pressure pump to supply the membrane 
  • External pressure boost as centrifugal pump 
  • Hydro distributor block for water supply within the membrane system
  • Flow sensor for volume measurement of permeate and concentrate flows


It is possible to retrofit optional components to existing systems. Please contact your local Grünbeck representative or Grünbeck’s headquarters in Höchstädt for more details.

  • Connection set and connection block 
  • Conductivity measurement 
  • Solenoid valve forced withdrawal 
  • Blending unit for GENO®-MSR System 200
  • Euro system separator GENO®-DK 2 Mini
  • Water softener Weichwassermeister GSX 10 I industrial version
  • GENO®-softwatch Komfort 
  • GENO® activated carbon filter AKF 250

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.