Utrafiltration system GENO®-Ultrafil - Treatment systems to produce clear and germ-free water according to DIN 2001-1

The ultrafiltration system GENO®-Ultrafil is designed for the reduction of microbiological loads (germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites) and turbid substances contained in the drinking water, in particular when used in private water supply systems.  The membrane filter of the ultrafiltration system GENO®-Ultrafil consists of a multitude of capillary membranes with a cut-off of less than 0,01 µm. The endings of these capillary membranes are firmly sealed in a pressure pipe,  thus ensuring a safe separation of the sector containing loaded raw water from the sector containing pure water.  The raw water pre-filtered by means of a fine filter (e.g. BOXER® RD) is directed to the raw water side of the membrane filter from the bottom and is flowing through the membrane element from the inside out.  Micro-organisms and particles are retained on the surface of the membrane. 

  • Reduction of microbiological loads
  • Nominal capacity 2 m³/h
  • Cut-off of capillary membranes < 0.01 µm

Installation requirements

For the operation of an ultrafiltration system GENO®-Ultrafil, a raw water pressure of at least 2.5 bar and max. 5 bar is required. The raw water must be filtered by a pre-filter with a pore size of less than 100 µm.  The installation site must be clean, dry and frost-proof and it must provide an adequately dimensioned drain connection near the GENO®-Ultrafil system. In case of connection to the public drinking water supply, a system separator must be installed upstream of the system. Observe local installation guidelines and general regulations.

Scope of supply

  • Ultrafiltration systems GENO®-Ultrafil 450/900
  • Operation Manual


  • Set of fittings for GENO®-Ultrafil 450 and 900
  • Pure water tank to store the filtrate originating from GENO®-ultrafiltration systems
  • Pressure booster system GENO®-DEA type GENO®-HR 2/40-1 N 10
  • Backwash filter BOXER® R / RD
  • Euro system separation device GENO-G5
  • M-Bus measuring transducer FM-2D/K

For additional information on installation requirements and accessories as well as technical details, please refer to the product data sheet which is available for download.