Anti-scaling or alternative anti-scaling. By Grünbeck - no matter what/without question/anyway/Definitely by Grünbeck, however

Natural substances dissolved in water, such as magnesium or calcium carbonate (scale), are vital to human beings. In water pipes and household appliances, however, deposits and damage may result if the concentration of scale is too high. Grünbeck therefore  offers anti-scaling solutions that serve both: the people’s quality of life and the conservation of their  assets. This is achieved by anti-scaling systems that rely on the proven ion exchange principle and thanks to Grünbeck technology systems are highly efficient in softening the water and in saving energy. Alternative anti-scaling by Grünbeck, on the other hand, focuses on a particularly gentle, electro-chemical process of low voltage precipitation. This alternative anti-scaling method reliably reduces scale deposits, too. Highly sensitive sensors make sure that the concentration of scale contained in the water is regulated according to your personal demand at any time. By the way, anti-scaling or alternative anti-scaling by Grünbeck not only relieves the water from undesired substances. Our water softeners also save you unnecessary  cleaning and repair effort as your household appliances will have a longer service life.  And cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom will become much easier.

New ways towards soft water: alternative anti-scaling by Grünbeck.

With their innovative power, Grünbeck has been providing essential contributions to more water purity for decades. In case of our anti-scaling systems, we focus on progress, too. And your health and the conservation of natural resources do benefit from our work. Our concept for alternative anti-scaling is based on the filtration of undesired substances by means of a process patented by Grünbeck. Gentle electric voltage constantly reduces the scale concentration in the water to the degree desired. The alternative anti-scaling system GENO-K4® works according to this principle – highly efficient and without any harmful side effects.

Minimised scaling, maximised convenience: efficient anti-scaling by Grünbeck.

It holds true for drinking water and anti-scaling as well: small things make a big difference. Scale particles are very small but nevertheless, a Grünbeck water softener such as our softliQ reliably removes  them by means of the ion exchange process. The scale concentration in your drinking water drops to the desired value. Thanks to anti-scaling, the water becomes noticeably softer.  Highly efficient and fully automatic - our anti-scaling solutions ensure your comfort with a fully automatic control unit and long-life control valves. Your water softener takes the set raw water hardness as well as your individual water consumption into consideration. You can rely on enjoying  optimum water purity at any time. And the environment benefits from so much technical intelligence as well as our anti-scaling systems efficiently soften your drinking water at the lowest salt and power consumption possible. Right from the start, our softliQ systems are factory set to the energy and resource saving ECO mode. And should you really need considerably more water than usual sometime or other: Simply switch to the POWER mode, either directly at the system or via our myGrünbeck app.

Efficient protection against scaling: a blessing for your skin, your household appliances and your drinking water system.

You will notice it on your skin: Water low-in-scale feels pleasantly smooth. This will also do your household appliances good, from the water heater to the washing machine and the dishwasher to your kitchen and bathroom fittings. For where the scale concentration goes down, their service life increases. And so you will derive even more pleasure from your home for a longer time.