One-family home? Industrial requirements? Always the appropriate water softener for your water.

When people enjoy their drinking water a bit more, their household appliances work properly for many years, cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom is no trouble at all and the energy costs stay low, then these people usually have something else in common, too: A Grünbeck water softener in the basement - such as Grünbeck‘s softliQ:SC18. A true and invisible companion, the system tirelessly takes care of pleasantly soft water for many years thanks to its long-lasting, sturdy design and Grünbeck’s proven technology. Compact twin systems such as the Weichwassermeister® GSX, in particular, are the perfect choice for multi-family homes with up to 5 units. The water softeners of our GENO-mat® series or the Delta-p® system have proven themselves as reliable solutions for softening in hotels, trade and industry.

Deciding for a water treatment system is so easy.

You can best answer whether anti-scaling or a device for alternative anti-scaling makes sense for your home when you take a look at your water bill. There, your water supplier indicates the average scale concentration of the drinking water supplied. Starting from a hardness range “medium”, a Grünbeck solution for anti-scaling can offer many advantages. The table below helps you to properly assess the water hardness:

  • Hardness range "soft", less than 1.5 millimoles of calcium carbonate per litre
    (corresponds to 8.4 °dH)
    Anti-scaling not necessarily required

  • Hardness range "medium", 1.5 up to 2.5 millimoles of calcium carbonate per litre (corresponds to 8.4 to 14 °dH)
    Anti-scaling recommended

  • Hardness range "hard", more than 2.5 millimoles of calcium carbonate per litre
    (corresponds to more than 14 °dH)
    Anti-scaling advisable and necessary!