GENO-mat® GVA single – (partial) softening for the trades

The GENO-mat® GVA water softeners (partially) soften water in trade and industry, e.g. well water, process water, boiler feed water and cooling water. As twin systems, the GENO-mat® GVA systems are suitable for the continuous supply of soft water. The model variants - regeneration with full or economy salting - provide soft water with < 0.1 dH using the principle of ion exchange. The GENO-mat® GVA is controlled by the water meter, and a microprocessor coordinates the system functions. During regeneration, the twin system supplies soft water via the second exchanger tank; it is available in five sizes from 18m³/h to 52m³/h. During regeneration, the single system supplies hard water via an integrated bypass.

  • Single or twin system
  • Volume control
  • Full salting
  • Application area: 18-52 m³/h

Installation requirements

Please note local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications. A fine filter must always be installed upstream of the system. The systems must be protected in accordance with DIN 1988, part 4 (e. g. system separator). The installation site must be frost-proof and the system protected against chemicals, dyes, solvents and vapours. The ambient temperature as well as the radiation temperature next to the system must not exceed 40 °C.

Scope of supply

Water softener GENO-mat® GVA complete with 

  • Water test kit “Total hardness”


  • Blending
  • Circulation device
  • Automatic empty signal for brine tank

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.