The best of both worlds - water softening including 99.999 % protection against thanks to softliQ:PA20

The new softliQ:PA20 combines the intelligent technology of Grünbeck’s proven water softeners with the reliable protection against germs by means of adsorption. The water softener works according to the ion exchange principle to produce the soft water typical of Grünbeck. The additional protection against germs and bacteria provides safety for a good feeling all around. Thanks to the adsorber for germ reduction, the retention of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophila is 99.999 %. The integrated adsorber works according to the physical principle of electrostatic adsorption. Germs (e.g.  bacteria) are removed from the drinking water, fixed on the adsorber and disinfected there during every regeneration of the water softener.
The softliQ:PA20 water softener is designed to continuously supply up to 5 persons with soft water. Parallel operation in times of high water withdrawal and alternating operation in times of low withdrawal take care of that. The softliQ:PA20 may only and exclusively be used to soften or partially soften cold drinking water, however.
The water softener can be regenerated in the following ways: Either manually by the operator, timer-controlled at up to three configurable times per day or automatically during a time of low withdrawal.

  • Application recommendation: up to 5 persons
  • Removal of harmful pathogens by means of adsorption
  • Powerful
  • Communication of salt filling level and maintenance intervals by means of illuminated LED ring
  • Soft water at all times
  • Plug-and-play
  • Mobile system control via app
  • Ergonomic system design for convenient operation

Installation requirements

A water analysis is required prior to installation.
Observe local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications. The installation site must be frost-proof and ensure the system's protection from chemicals, dyes, solvents and vapours. Always install a drinking water filter and, if required, a pressure reducer (e.g. pureliQ KD) upstream of the systems.‏ A shock-proof socket is required within a distance of approx. 1.2 m of the system. For the discharge of the regeneration water, a drain connection must be available.

Scope of supply

  • Water softener including connection equipment
  • Water test kit „Total hardness“
  • Operation manual


  •     EXADOS® dosing computer EK 6
  •     EXADOS® dosing computer ES 6
  •     GENO-STOP® safety device 1”
  •     GENO-STOP® malfunction indicator
  •     Regeneration water delivery pump
  •     Drain connection DN 50
  •     Extension kit for connection hoses


    • Regeneration salt (25 kg) as per EN 973 type A
    • Water test kit „Total hardness“

    For additional information on installation requirements, accessories as well as on technical details, please refer to the product data sheet, which is available for download.