It's about much more than KPIs.

We believe that access to clean water is a human right. We therefore want to play our part in enforcing this right. We want every industry to get exactly the water that can be optimally integrated in its processes. We are fascinated by water. And we are fascinated by the social partnership, which at Grünbeck closely connects employees to the company as a result of their ideas and visions. Grünbeck is a progressive company. It's something every single employee is committed to. And it's also something that every member of the executive team - introduced here - is committed to.

Dr. Günter Stoll
Management Board (Chairman)
Sven Suberg
Management Board
Sandra Stricker
Head of Human Resources
Member of the Management Board
Werner Biesenberger
Head of Commercial and IT
Member of the Management Board
Dietmar Ladenburger
Head of Technology
Member of the Management Board
Hermann Müller
Head of Supply Chain Management
Member of the Management Board